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The 3 To 5 Webcam Model Plan

3 to 5 Webcam Model Plan

We want You to Become a Successful Webcam Model making more money than you know what to do with. It takes time, patience and self-discipline for a new Cam Model to start earning hundreds and thousands of dollars weekly.

If you are already a Cam Model with, take a few minutes to watch our video ‘3 TO 5 Webcam Model Plan‘ from inside your Model Area so you too, can get on track to become a financially successful, Webcam Model.

When you Broadcast your first Cam Show, do not expect hundreds of Members/Spenders in your Cam Chat Room right away. Members /spenders want to watch you on cam before they start paying you Token Tips or Gold tips. Your Cam Model Performance is the key factor on how much money you earn.

You need ambition, self-discipline to work your Camming Schedule on a regular basis and be seductive in front of your webcam. Patience will pay off with a steady increase of your Weekly Cam Model Earnings on your way to Becoming a successful cam model.

Financially Successful Cam Models earning $2,000+ weekly broadcast their Cam Show 3 to 5 days a week for 3 to 5+ hours each of those days, the ‘3 TO 5 Webcam Model Plan‘.

Start by deciding how many days a week and what hours during those days you can commit to Broadcasting Your Webcam Show.

Apply today and get on your way to earning $2,000+ weekly as a successful Webcam Model.

Happy Camming!

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Webcam Model Performers

Getting started as webcam model performers can be overwhelming but, it should not be.

Once you are approved as cam model, first thing you should do is read. Cam modeling networks provide extensive information on how to become a successful webcam model performer.

After you read all information provided, click to broadcast your show.

Relax, enjoy yourself, chat with members in your sex chat room and be patient. Be prepared to be in front of your webcam for no less than one hour each time you cam. The ultimate time to be on cam is for three to five hours each camming session. You should cam for three to five days each week.

The more time you spend on cam, the more voyeur members who will find you.

To apply as a webcam model, click HERE.

Happy Camming!

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Starting As A Webcam Model

You processed your Webcam Model Application and are approved to perform as a cam model, now what!?!

Step 1: Make the time to read all information available on the website you are approved with. This is the only way you will know how to broadcast your cam show, how you will get paid and rules. Select your payout method from those available.

Step 2: Make up a camming schedule for the days of the week and hours each of those days that you will be broadcasting your cam show. The best way to earn the most money is by broadcasting your cam show 3 to 5 days throughout the week and at least 3 to 5 hours each of those days. This is the popular ‘3 To 5 Camming Plan’. Select the days and hours you will be able to stick to your camming schedule.

Step 3: Remember to relax and have a good time when you are broadcasting your cam show. Chat with members who engage with you and remember that you are in control of your sex chat room. Do what you are comfortable with and what you enjoy doing.

Step 4: Anytime you have a paying member, be sure to tell them to add you as one of their favorites. When members add you as a favorite, they will get an email every time you broadcast your show so they can join you each and every time. This increases your earnings potential.

If you aren’t a webcam model yet, Apply NOW through and get on your way to earning $2,000+ each and every week!

Happy Camming!


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Broadcasting Time On Cam

In order to reach a premium status on cam modeling networks Broadcasting Time On Cam is vital. You need to broadcast your show 3 to 5 days a week for 3 to 5 hours each of those days to earn $2000+ each week.

You will find when you are first live on cam, it takes time for members to find you and engage in chat with you. Logging in for less than 30 minutes will result in very little if any, action from members.

Patience pays off for webcam models willing to spend a quality amount of time on cam.

If you want to become a successful webcam model, you need to commit to spending time on cam. Sign up today to become a webcam model with by clicking HERE.

Happy Camming!

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Find Your Sugar Momma or Find Your Sugar Daddy

Are you Looking for a Sugar Momma or Looking for a Sugar Daddy?

Look no further than!

You can now add your Profile on to Find a Sugar Momma or Find a Sugar Daddy!

The process is simple to find someone who is willing to take care of you financially.

After you Register as a Free Member Guest, upgrade to a Membership Package and you will have access to the Fetish Groups ‘Looking for a Sugar Momma‘ and ‘Looking for a Sugar Daddy‘.

Get your Profile listed on Sugar Feteessh Groups today to Find Your Very Own Sugar Momma or Sugar Daddy.

Register today on


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Be A Successful Cam Girl

When you are new Cam Girl, of course you want to Be Successful. provides many tips to guide you toward making a really good living as a Webcam Model.

Remember, being a Cam Model not only can help you make a lot of money, it is a job that is fun too. You are your own boss and you set your own hours as well as what days you want to work.

7 Steps To Be A Successful Cam Girl…

  1. Work a regular schedule to keep clients coming back to see you on a routine basis.
  2. Smile, move seductively and engage in interesting conversations with clients in your sex chat room.
  3. Work it to keep your clients attention so they don’t leave your sex chat room for another Cam Model.
  4. Pay attention to your clients instead of your phone or TV.
  5. Change up your appearance each time you broadcast your show with different outfits, nylons and sexy shoes.
  6. At the end of each camming session, thank your clients for choosing you and tell them when you will broadcasting your cam show again.
  7. Encourage clients to make you one of their favorites so they get an email when you come online.

Camming for a living is a lifestyle choice chosen by thousands of webcam girls because of the amount of money you can make as well as the freedom you can have working as an Internet Webcam Model.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have about cam modeling by clicking on Contact Us.

Happy Camming!

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