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    New Cam Models Earnings Per Hour

    New Cam Models Earnings Per Hour!

    As a new Cam Model with the WaveSide Entertainment Adult Webcam Modeling Network, you should earn at least $20USD per hour and more if…
    >You stream live on adult cam chat, performing a great live sex show for at least 60 minutes or longer each cam session;
    >You make all cam model voyeur members feel welcome in your sex chat room. Say Hello to each customer who comes into your cam model chat room by their member name;
    >You are attractive and your webcam stream is crystal clear with no pixelating of your cam stream;
    >You have clear audio;
    >You don’t work for 15 minutes then take a 45 minute break;

    With that said, making $20 an hour as a new cam model is not bad money considering…
    >That it is twice what you would make per hour compared to average federal minimum wage of $10 an hour;
    >You are working from home, don’t have to worry about how you will get to work and no fighting traffic;
    >You are your own boss, no one to report to.
    >You are NOT LIMITED on only making $20 an hour as a cam model. The more time you spend on cam performing for cam model voyeur members, the more money you can make.

    Remember, when you start a new job or a new career, you don’t start at the top. You have to start as the low one on the totem pole, earning at or close to minimum wage which is much less than average starting per hour earnings for a new webcam model.

    So when you start to stream as a new webcam model, you should not expect to start to make a few thousand dollars a week, right away. Just like any new job or new career, it takes time and effort to make more money. You have to put time and effort into any job before you start to earn big money- this includes the job as a cam model.

    It can take years before you start earning big money with a new job or new career… NOT SO as a cam model. By increasing the amount of time you spend on cam performing live sex performances, you will see your earnings increase at a nice, steady pace – not over years but, over weeks or months.

    While the goal of all cam models is to earn several thousand dollars a month or a week, it takes time, patience and perseverance. Cam models earning several thousand dollars a week or month spend 4-5 days a week on cam for 4-5 hours each of those days.

    Most cam models fail due to their lack of self motivation to work specific hours on certain days of the week. As a webcam model you are self employed. You don’t have a boss to answer to. You do however, have to work before you can earn any money. Whether working for yourself as a cam model or working for someone else, if you don’t work, you WON’T earn any money.

    The questions you need to ask yourself is…
    Do you want to work for yourself making an average of $20 an hour as a new webcam model or do you want to work for average federal minimum wage of $10 per hour?
    Do you want to work from the safety and comfort of your own home or would you prefer to fight traffic to a job that pays you minimum wage?
    Would you prefer to work 3 hours as a cam model to make on average of $60 or would you prefer to work the same 3 hours and earn $30?
    Do you want to work a job, from home, getting tons of compliments from cam model voyeur members – improving your self-esteem?
    Do you want to work a job you look forward to doing, knowing you will have fun and sexual excitement or do you want to work at a fast food restaurant?

    The answers seem rather simple but, you have to make the choice and commit to putting in the time and effort to be financially successful as an adult cam model.

    Start your new job today as a cam model with the WaveSide Entertainment Adult Cam Modeling Network. Start streaming on cam within a few hours of submitting your application and verifying your age and identity.

    Stream live on cam using WebRTC with CamRebels.com – no downloads needed. Apply as a webcam model now!

    Happy Camming!

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