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    Advice For Successful Cam Models

    Cam Modeling Job and Self Motivation

    Are you looking for a job that allows you to be your own boss and allows you to work from the safety and comfort of your own home?
    The key to success of being your own boss in the adult cam modeling industry is working on a regular schedule, a pre-requisite for an independent adult webcam model or sex chat performer. If you plan to make a career change to that of an adult cam model to earn financial independence, you have to maintain a regular work schedule. Just like if you had a job outside your home that your boss tells you to be at work from 9-5; as a self-employed cam model, you are the boss and after you create your own schedule, you have to be at work during the hours and days you set for yourself. You have to tell yourself what days of the week and what hours during those days, that you need to be at work – in front of your webcam. This is the part that takes hard lined self-motivation. The difference between being an independent cam model and running your own business, and that of a job outside your home is that, YOU are your OWN BOSS. If you set your schedule to be on cam at a certain time, be there. Just because you are your own boss and self-employed as a cam model does not release you from the responsibility to yourself to work, to make money. Look at it this way, if you had a job outside your home, dealing with traffic to and from work as well as dealing with the boss while only making minimum wage working 40 hours a week – if you don’t show up for work, you won’t get paid right? Well, as an independent cam model, if you don’t show up for work – if you don’t log into stream live on cam and perform for cam model voyeur members watching you – you won’t get paid either. It is actually a very simple equation. If you don’t work, you won’t earn any money.

    Are you truly self-motivated to run your own business as an adult webcam model by creating a schedule to work on cam for specific days and hours during the week?
    Working a job outside your home can consist of various hours per the needs of the business you are working for. With a job outside your home, in order to keep the job, you have to be self-motivated to be at work when you are suppose to be there.

    Cam modeling requires the same type of self-motivation. The difference is that, you decide which days of the week and the number of hours each of those days you plan to stream live on cam for sex show performances. Starting out as a new cam model, you should expect to spend more time camming to get yourself out to the world, get known for your personal sex cam show performance techniques and to test the waters for the hours you plan to work. If you work on cam 3-4 days a week for 3-5 hours during those days during morning hours and find little traffic to your chat room, it is up to you to switch it up to try and reach out to a cam model voyeur clientele at a different time of the day. Consider working late evening after 10:00 pm into the early morning hours of 3-4:00 am to see if you have a better adult audience. This is part of the job as a cam model that needs self-motivation – you cannot give up, you must remained focused to find the best hours to perform on cam that earn you the most money.

    Many cam models will alter their time on cam, depending on the day of the week or depending on other events or holidays. A key however, is that if you decide to work on cam 4 days a week for 5 hours a day, you need to motivate yourself to maintain those hours on cam, in order to maintain a steady flow of income. Remember, you are self employed so, if you don’t work online as a cam performer, you won’t earn any money.

    Are you comfortable getting fully nude and masturbating on your webcam while performing live sex shows on cam for potentially paying cam model voyeur members?
    The job of an adult cam model generally consists of getting nude on cam for cam model voyeur members watching. Cam models performing live sex shows, masturbating with fingers or toys, will earn the most money. If you are not comfortable with this, adult cam modeling is NOT for you. If you are an exhibitionist, cam modeling could be just the right job for you if… you are self-motivated. If you enjoy constant compliments on how good you look, how nice your body is or that you are turning someone on, cam modeling is the right job for you but, you have to be self-motivated to work on cam during the days of the week you select and for the number of hours you decided on.

    Do you have a private place to stream live on cam as an adult webcam model that will not have any interruptions and no one will walk in on you while you are working on cam for adult sex chat? 
    When you decide to become an adult webcam model, keep in mind that you need a private place to work from. The last thing you want is for someone to walk into your room while you are working on cam, completely nude and masturbating. So where ever you are working from, make sure you can lock the door to prevent any embarrassing interruptions.  Cam models will set up their own cam studio in a spare bedroom for example or, if you have limited space, use your own bedroom. The place you cam from should be neat and appealing to viewers. You also what to be comfortable temperature wise, not too hot and not too cold. You also need to have good lighting so cam model voyeur members can see you clearly. While camming, your cam studio should set the mood for you to perform sexual acts and be comfortable doing so.

    Do you have a reliable PC or laptop with a high performance processor, quality webcam and high speed Internet?
    A cam model must have specific equipment to perform. If possible, you should use a PC or laptop that others don’t get their hands on because they could upload a program or virus that could affect your ability to stream on cam. When you are ready to stream on cam, you should reboot your computer before logging in as this frees up memory that could affect your ability to provide a crystal clear video stream. When you are ready to cam, do not open any other browser windows and do not log into any programs on your device. You should not have any other programs running – such as music, skype or any other programs – on your device while you are streaming on cam as they use up memory and could degrade the quality of your stream – resulting in not earning any money because viewers can’t clearly see you.

    How much can I make as an adult webcam model?
    The amount of money you make all depends on the amount of time you spend on cam, the quality of your video stream and your sex cam performance for watching cam model voyeur members. Depending on the network you are camming on, you can earn money from Tokens, tips or a portion of your per minute rate. Cam models earn anywhere from $500 a week to several thousand dollars a week. Just like any new job or new career, the longer you work it, the faster your earnings increase. Additionally, attractive girls age 18+ and attractive mature women have a good chance to make more money, when they first start working on cam. The average earnings for attractive full-time cam girls or cam women is $5000+ each month.

    Are you ready to become a webcam model for live sex chat performances from your cam?
    You must be age 18+ to apply. During the application process you will be required to upload a clear picture of your valid (not expired) government issued photo ID proving your age and identity. You will need to upload a clear picture of you holding your valid (not expired) government issued photo ID beside your face to prove your identity. You will need to submit a clear non-nude bio-picture for your profile after your application is approved. You will be required to complete a cam model application. Its actually very simple.

    Are you ready to get started as a cam girl or cam guy?
    Once you have read through everything provided on this page and are ready for a career change as a cam model, the next step is completing the cam model application. Here is the link to apply as an adult cam girl, cam guy or cam couple with WaveSideEntertainment.com which will be processed through CamRebels.com which is owned and operated by WaveSide Entertainment adult cam model network. CLICK HERE TO APPLY FOR CAM MODEL POSITION NOW!

    What happens after I submit my cam model application?
    Once we receive your completed application and review it, our processing team will contact you from Your Tickets inside your Model Area with WaveSide Entertainment with either an approval, denial or a request for more information or different pictures. You should hear something from us within a few hours from the time you submit your application so, please check Your Tickets frequently by logging into your Model Area using the login information you selected during the cam model application process. It is vital to provide clear pictures to avoid the delay of getting your application approved.

    You can always chat with JCrown live after you log into your Model Area.

    Ready to start? See you on cam soon!

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