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The 3 To 5 Webcam Model Plan

3 to 5 Webcam Model Plan

We want You to Become a Successful Webcam Model making more money than you know what to do with. It takes time, patience and self-discipline for a new Cam Model to start earning hundreds and thousands of dollars weekly.

If you are already a Cam Model with, take a few minutes to watch our video ‘3 TO 5 Webcam Model Plan‘ from inside your Model Area so you too, can get on track to become a financially successful, Webcam Model.

When you Broadcast your first Cam Show, do not expect hundreds of Members/Spenders in your Cam Chat Room right away. Members /spenders want to watch you on cam before they start paying you Token Tips or Gold tips. Your Cam Model Performance is the key factor on how much money you earn.

You need ambition, self-discipline to work your Camming Schedule on a regular basis and be seductive in front of your webcam. Patience will pay off with a steady increase of your Weekly Cam Model Earnings on your way to Becoming a successful cam model.

Financially Successful Cam Models earning $2,000+ weekly broadcast their Cam Show 3 to 5 days a week for 3 to 5+ hours each of those days, the ‘3 TO 5 Webcam Model Plan‘.

Start by deciding how many days a week and what hours during those days you can commit to Broadcasting Your Webcam Show.

Apply today and get on your way to earning $2,000+ weekly as a successful Webcam Model.

Happy Camming!

New Cam Modeling Guidance

When you are a new Cam Model, it’s common to be a little nervous. I’m here to provide you with professional New Cam Modeling Guidance.

Just relax, smile and start chatting with members who come into your room.

Spend 3 – 5 hours a day in front of your webcam, for 3-5 days a week. The more days you broadcast on cam, the more money you can earn.

If you need assistance, reach out to your cam representative from Your Tickets inside your Model Area on or

Camming takes focus, just like any job. Differences are that  you work from your home, you set your own work schedule and you can earn a whole lot more money as a Webcam Model.

Not a Cam Model? is always hiring new Cam Models and Cam Girls. Apply to Become a Webcam Model Today!


Internet Cam Modeling Jobs

Applying for Internet Cam Modeling Jobs

To apply to become a webcam model on the Internet with – the most reputable webcam modeling agency on the net – you must be age 18+ and will be required to provide a copy of your government issued photo ID, to prove your identity and your age during the cam model application process. Cam Models NEVER have to pay us a fee to apply because we recruit directly for our cam modeling networks.

To work online as a cam model on the Internet, the webcam modeling equipment you need includes:

  1. Desktop computer or laptop
  2. Webcam either built into your laptop or a freestanding webcam
  3. High speed Internet

To broadcast your live webcam show for the millions of webcam voyeur members watching you, you also need a private place to perform from such as your home.

After you receive notification that your cam model application is approved, you will be able to broadcast your live cam model show from your webcam, with any of the cam modeling networks that accepted you.

The cam model application process with is simple and straightforward.

Start your new job as a webcam model today!

Happy Camming!

Broadcasting Live Sex Shows On Cam

Broadcast A Live Sex Show On Webcam while you work from the security of your home as a webcam model and earn thousands of dollars a week.

Camming has become a huge career choice for females and males age 18+ from all around the world. There is never a cost to start camming and as an approved cam model, you set your own hours when you want to perform on webcam for voyeur members watching, ready to tip you for your highly sexual performance.

Highly supportive trained cam model support team is provided by WaveSide Entertainment webcam modeling network.

Simple cam model application will take you a few minutes to complete. Once you are approved, you decide when you want to stream live on cam.

As with any job, if you don’t spend a quality amount of time broadcasting live on webcam, you won’t earn any money.

The big difference in being a cam model and having a job working outside your home is that you are your own boss.

If you plan to work part time as a cam model, review your personal weekly schedule to determine which days of the week you are available to work. Also on those days, what hours do you plan to broadcast your live cam sex show.

When you plan to stream live on a full time basis as a cam model, layout your schedule for the days of the week you plan to broadcast from your webcam. Veteran cam models stream on cam 3 to 4 days a week – less than the normal number of days for jobs outside your home. Working as a cam model does not take any more time or energy, it simply requires you to have self motivation to control your own work schedule. On those 3 to 4 days a week you schedule to broadcast your live show, what hours during those days do you plan to work on cam. Veteran cam models generally work 3 to 5 hours per day each of the days on their camming schedule – earning several thousand dollars weekly.

Remember, you will be streaming live in front of an audience of millions of cam model voyeurs, anxious to see your live sexual performance.

Fix up your hair, put on makeup and sexy lingerie, nylons or an outfit that makes you look hot and seductive. You should have a smiling, sensual disposition when on cam.

Anytime you need help, reach out to your cam model representatives for guidance in any issue you have.

Apply today for a cam model job with

Happy Camming!

Cam Model Performance

Quality Webcam Modeling Performance

Successful webcam modeling performances begin with the sensuous motivation the cam girl or cam guy has. Like any adult cam job, you have provide a good sexually motivated show, to keep cam voyeurs on your sex chat room.

Voyeur members want to see a smiling face and hear a pleasant greeting from you, the cam model.

When a cam voyeur sees a cam model who looks bored to death, they will close the cam performers profile and probably won’t return. If a cam model appears to be unhappy about streaming on cam, cam voyeurs will not be willing to spend any time, let alone any money with that webcam model.

Cam models are actors on the Internet. That means you need to look hot, look happy and provide a sexually stimulating conversation to potentially make any money as a cam model. You need to expel this from the first moment you log in to stream on adult cam chat. You are there to provide sexual entertainment, do a little dance or seductive moves, anything that will sexually stimulate your voyeur clients who have come to see you.

Say hello to every cam voyeur who enters your cam chat room, unless you are involved in a live performance. Cam Voyeurs want to be recognized and when they hear you call out their name, you will have their attention.

Make sure you have plenty of light in your cam show room. Ask voyeur members in your room if they can see you clearly. Look at your image to make sure it looks great and is not pixelating.

The job of a cam girl, cam guy, cam couple or cam transgender is to make your voyeur members horny and to sexually satisfy them.

Should you need me to check the quality of your video stream, if you are an approved cam model with, send me a message from your tickets inside your model area.

Happy Camming!

Webcam Modeling Career as a Cam Girl

Webcam Modeling Career as a Cam Girl!

The financial success as an adult cam girl is at your fingertips.

If you are looking for a real job that you can work from your own home, becoming an adult cam girl might be what you are looking for.

Here are general questions about becoming an adult cam girl:
Are you age 18+?
Are you attractive with a good looking body?
Do you have access to high speed Internet in your own home?
Do you have a computer or laptop with high processing power in your home?
Do you have a webcam or does your laptop have a webcam built in?
Do you have a neat private area, maybe a bedroom with a door that locks, that you can work from?
Are you looking for a full time or part time job?
Are you self-motivated to start work at certain hours of certain days throughout the week, without having a boss to report to?
Do you want to have your own business and be self-employed where you are your own boss?

These questions give you a start at becoming an adult webcam girl.

I emphasize that success as a cam girl depends on your work ethics. Whether it be a job as a cam girl working full time or part time, you have to create a work schedule and stick to it, just like you would stick to a work schedule for a job outside your home.

Cam models have the ability to work any hours from their home during the day or night and work on any specific days during the week. It is common for cam girls to work during evening hours, from 9pm and on from that time, into the wee hours of the morning. Every day of the week including the weekends is prime time for cam model voyeur members to be online, searching for a sexy cam model to have sex chat with. There are no defined hours for streaming live on adult cam chat, it is all about when it works for your schedule.

If you are looking for a full time job as an adult cam model, you should expect to be on cam 3-5 days a week and for at least 3-5 hours each of those days. Remember, you decide which days during the week you want to work on adult webcam. Since you are your own boss as a cam model, you can change up the days of the week you want to work, at any time.

In order for you to maintain a steady weekly income and retain your regular clientele base, you need to work on a regular basis. Cam model voyeur members generally come online on a regular routine basis. Once you gain the following of a voyeur member, they will make you a favorite and be notified when you are online. If a voyeur member fails to see you online performing, they will simply find another cam model to join and the different cam model will then reap the financial rewards that could have been yours.

If you want a job as a cam model, you need to know that while you are your own boss working as a cam model and that you can work this job from home, if you don’t work on a regular basis, you won’t make any money. If you don’t make any money, it is all due to your failure to follow the basic rule for a webcam modeling position. Create a work schedule and stick to it.

Want to become an adult webcam model, apply now with WaveSide Entertainment and open yourself up to earn thousands of dollars weekly!

If you want to become an adult cam model and use webRTC to stream on cam, eliminating your need of downloading flash, apply now with

See you on cam!

Work From Home As A Webcam Model

Work From Home As A Webcam Model!

Are you age 18+, attractive and motivated? Would you like a job that you can work from home?

Would you like to start a new career with high earnings potential and you don’t need a college degree?

Would you like the chance to make hundreds or even thousands of dollars a week working a legit job from the comfort and safety of your own home? Are you tired of working a minimum wage job that you hate?

I can tell you how to become a successful webcam girl but, to be successful, you must follow the plan.

Most webcam girls fail because they lack motivation. They think just because they are an approved cam girl, the money will fall from the sky while they lounge around on the couch, come up excuses why not to stream live on cam and then, complain that they have no money. Well DUH!!!

The difference between being a cam girl or working as a waitress or at a minimum wage job is… if you don’t show up for work as a waitress or at your minimum wage job you will be fired. If you commit yourself to become a full time cam girl and you don’t log on to stream on cam no one will fire you but, you will not make any money so you can’t pay your bills. Either way, there is no one to blame but yourself.

What is motivation you ask – it is the ability for a cam girl to start to work on webcam on a schedule you created. To make good money as a webcam girl, you should work 4-5 days a week for at least 3-4 hours each of those days – consistently. Can cam girls make thousands of dollars a week, hell yes they can and they do. Will a new webcam girl make thousands of dollars a week being on cam one or two days during the week for 30 minutes, hell no!

So, to be financially successful as an adult cam model you first must find a way to motivate yourself. If the schedule you created says you need to be at work at 9pm, then you need to get yourself primped and ready BEFORE that time and at 9pm or before, you need to be logging into your cam model platform, bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to rock the world of cam model voyeur members who will be joining you.

Will you have slow days, hell yes but, remember, since you are your own boss, add a few hours to your schedule to make up the money you didn’t make on those slow days. That is the glory of being a cam girl, you have the control to work anytime, day or night and to make hay while the sun shines.

So, the plan is, be determined that you are ready to work in the adult webcam modeling industry that will pull in billions of dollars each year and you want to be a part of this. Remember, 30 minutes a day here or there, you will not succeed. You are better off at the minimum wage job but, don’t complain that you don’t have enough money to pay your bills because you refuse to stand firm and fail to be self-motivated to be financially successful as a professional webcam girl.

If you are ready to prove that you are highly motivated to earn a great living and you are already an approved cam girl with WaveSide Entertainment get your schedule in order. Get primped right now and stream on cam today for an hour or two or three. You gotta start somewhere and no time like the present.

If I see you logging in, I will know you are serious about a job as a cam model and ready to improve your life in this highly respected profession as an adult Internet entertainer.

Not a webcam girl yet? No time like the present. Fill out the webcam model application and watch for a response within a few hours. As you await approval, start working on your schedule. You can stream on cam any time day or night as there are millions of cam model voyeur members ready for a sexy performance from your webcam. Know ahead of time which days you will work as a cam model and what hours you will be on cam. Remember, whatever time you set your schedule to be on cam, allow at least one hour before that to get yourself ready for you launch time.

See you on cam!

New Cam Models Earnings Per Hour

New Cam Models Earnings Per Hour!

As a new Cam Model with the WaveSide Entertainment Adult Webcam Modeling Network, you should earn at least $20USD per hour and more if…
>You stream live on adult cam chat, performing a great live sex show for at least 60 minutes or longer each cam session;
>You make all cam model voyeur members feel welcome in your sex chat room. Say Hello to each customer who comes into your cam model chat room by their member name;
>You are attractive and your webcam stream is crystal clear with no pixelating of your cam stream;
>You have clear audio;
>You don’t work for 15 minutes then take a 45 minute break;

With that said, making $20 an hour as a new cam model is not bad money considering…
>That it is twice what you would make per hour compared to average federal minimum wage of $10 an hour;
>You are working from home, don’t have to worry about how you will get to work and no fighting traffic;
>You are your own boss, no one to report to.
>You are NOT LIMITED on only making $20 an hour as a cam model. The more time you spend on cam performing for cam model voyeur members, the more money you can make.

Remember, when you start a new job or a new career, you don’t start at the top. You have to start as the low one on the totem pole, earning at or close to minimum wage which is much less than average starting per hour earnings for a new webcam model.

So when you start to stream as a new webcam model, you should not expect to start to make a few thousand dollars a week, right away. Just like any new job or new career, it takes time and effort to make more money. You have to put time and effort into any job before you start to earn big money- this includes the job as a cam model.

It can take years before you start earning big money with a new job or new career… NOT SO as a cam model. By increasing the amount of time you spend on cam performing live sex performances, you will see your earnings increase at a nice, steady pace – not over years but, over weeks or months.

While the goal of all cam models is to earn several thousand dollars a month or a week, it takes time, patience and perseverance. Cam models earning several thousand dollars a week or month spend 4-5 days a week on cam for 4-5 hours each of those days.

Most cam models fail due to their lack of self motivation to work specific hours on certain days of the week. As a webcam model you are self employed. You don’t have a boss to answer to. You do however, have to work before you can earn any money. Whether working for yourself as a cam model or working for someone else, if you don’t work, you WON’T earn any money.

The questions you need to ask yourself is…
Do you want to work for yourself making an average of $20 an hour as a new webcam model or do you want to work for average federal minimum wage of $10 per hour?
Do you want to work from the safety and comfort of your own home or would you prefer to fight traffic to a job that pays you minimum wage?
Would you prefer to work 3 hours as a cam model to make on average of $60 or would you prefer to work the same 3 hours and earn $30?
Do you want to work a job, from home, getting tons of compliments from cam model voyeur members – improving your self-esteem?
Do you want to work a job you look forward to doing, knowing you will have fun and sexual excitement or do you want to work at a fast food restaurant?

The answers seem rather simple but, you have to make the choice and commit to putting in the time and effort to be financially successful as an adult cam model.

Start your new job today as a cam model with the WaveSide Entertainment Adult Cam Modeling Network. Start streaming on cam within a few hours of submitting your application and verifying your age and identity.

Stream live on cam using WebRTC with – no downloads needed. Apply as a webcam model now!

Happy Camming!

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Remember to log into and create your own customized HTML profile. Its fun and is a free promotional tool for you!

Become A Webcam Model and Start Your New Career in Live Sex Chat!

Webcam models have unlimited earnings potential. If you are looking for a new career, become a webcam model.

Streaming on cam from the comfort of your own home is safe and fun! Time to work at a job you enjoy and look forwarding to ‘going to work‘.

If you have a computer or PC with audio, a webcam, high speed Internet and a private place to work on cam, start your new career choice today!

Its easy… complete the cam model application with WaveSide Entertainment network and start working in a few hours.

After you are approved as a cam model, log in and start streaming on cam in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Decide which days of the week you want to work and the specific hours you plan to work on cam on those days. Webcam modeling is a real job and you are your own boss however, if you don’t work a regular schedule and spend time on cam, you won’t make any money.

So the key to success is working your cam modeling job, like a job. Just like if you had a job outside your home, you would have to be ‘at work’ on certain days, at a certain time.

Work your cam modeling career like it is what it is, ‘a job’ and get ready for unlimited earnings potential!

Happy Camming!

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Time on Cam Fattens Your Wallet

Cam models who spend several hours a day and several days throughout the week on live sex cam, will find their earnings as a webcam model increase nicely, the more time you spend on cam.

Cam modeling on live cam chat is the new career choice for many webcam girls and webcam guys – you work from home, you set your own hours and there is no boss you have to answer to but yourself, since you are your own boss.

Treating your job as a cam model like your own business is a key toward your personal financial success.

Sign up now as a cam model with to stream on webcam without flash. It has never been so easy to go live on cam!

Feel free to Contact Us with comments or questions about is owned and operated by WaveSide Entertainment, LLC.

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