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    Free Cam Model Promotional Tools

    Free Cam Model Promotional Tools are priceless!

    Nothing better than promoting your Webcam Model Profile FOR FREE!

    Free Personalized Webpage from WaveSide Entertainment…
    Log into your Cam Model account with WaveSideEntertainment.com
    Inside your Model Area, click on ‘Personalized Webpage‘ on left side bar and follow instructions to set up your own Webpage.
    This is a great tool to promote your Cam Modeling Profile, attracting thousands of potential Cam Model Voyeur Members!
    Simply follow step by step instructions and your ‘Personalized Webpage‘ can be live in a few minutes!
    Your Cam Model profile will be promoted throughout WaveSide Entertainment – at NO CHARGE!

    HTML Profile from CamRebels.com…
    Log into your Cam Model account with CamRebels.com
    Click on ‘MY PROFILE‘ in header of the page then, scroll down on the page to ‘ABOUT PERFORMER‘.
    Complete ‘ABOUT ME TEXT‘ field with interesting info about you or your cam sex show to entice Cam Model Voyeur Clients.
    Scroll to the ‘ABOUT ME HTML‘ and follow ‘HTML Instructions‘ provided to create an awesome HTML Profile!
    After you create your HTML Profile, any Cam Model Voyeur Member who clicks on your Cam Model Profile on CamRebels.com will see what you created and read all about you as a Cam Model.
    Its fun and a GREAT FREE PROMOTIONAL TOOL for you!’

    If you aren’t an Adult Cam Model with the WaveSide Entertainment Adult Cam Modeling Network yet, become one today!
    Click APPLY NOW to start your new career as a Cam Model with WaveSideEntertainment.com today!
    Start working on cam in just a few hours and be on your way to making tons of money while having fun from the safety and comfort of your own home!

    Happy Camming!
    WaveSide Entertainment

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    ‘Remember to log into CamRebels.com and create your own, customized HTML profile. Its fun and a free promotional tool for Cam Models!’

    JCrown has been with WaveSideEntertainment.com since its inception in 2011.

    Making Cam Model Cash

    Since the holidays are over, most cam models are spending more time streaming on cam as they work hard to pick up more cash to pay down their holiday debt.

    Cam Models are finding more cam model voyeur members anxiously waiting online to catch their favorites on cam for sex chat. This is a great way to build up your bank account to cover those credit card charges for Christmas gifts.

    Cam Models with the WaveSide Entertainment network are reaping huge benefits from the Weekly Cam Modeling Bonus offered. WaveSides weekly bonuses range from an additional 5% to 25% of your weekly earnings, tacked on to your weekly payout. That works out to be a huge chunk of money ending up in the Cam Models bank account.

    If you aren’t a Cam Model yet with WaveSide Entertainment, SIGNUP NOW and start enjoying the available benefits of up to 25% added to your weekly payout.

    Also, be sure to sign up as a Cam Model with CamRebels.com – part of the WaveSide Entertainment Adult Cam Modeling Network – to stream live on cam using webRTCno download needed! You simply log in and click Broadcast to start streaming live. WebRTC is the newest cam streaming technology, making it extremely easy to make money as a Cam Model.

    Happy Camming!

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    You Can Be A Cam Model

    So You Want to Be An Adult Webcam Model!

    As we get ready to ring in 2017, are you ready to take your life to the next level?

    Are you anxious to make the New Year a complete financial success for yourself?

    Have you gained motivation that enables you to be self-sufficient with your income earnings potential?

    Do you have the self-discipline needed to start your own business as an adult webcam model?

    Would you like to have a job that is actually fun? A job you actually look forward to doing?

    Are you confident with your appearance and your body? Do you feel attractive and sexy?

    Are you willing to reach out to your cam model support staff who are willing to guide you through issues faced as an adult cam model?

    If you made the choice to start a new career as an Adult Webcam Model…
    You CAN be financially successful!
    You CAN be your own boss and in control of how much money you make, with self-motivation!
    You CAN run your own business with self-discipline!
    You CAN have a fun and exciting job working as an adult cam model!
    You CAN express yourself sexually and seductively from your webcam, in the privacy of your home!
    You CAN easily reach out to available Cam Model Support anytime because all questions are important!

    What Does it Take to Become a Successful Adult Webcam Model?
    >A desire to make unlimited money.
    >Motivation and self-discipline to create your own work schedule and stick to it.
    >Self-Confident in your appearance to stream live on your webcam from the safety of your own home while you perform a live sexy show for Adult Cam Model Voyeur Members watching you from any where in the world. These adult customers are ready to pay you for a great sexy show.
    >Access to high speed Internet, PC or laptop with high processing power, quality Webcam and a private place where you can perform as an Adult Webcam Model.
    >If you are working as a full time Cam  Girl or Cam Guy, you want to work as many days throughout the week as possible, we recommend at least a 4 day work week. You should consider streaming live on cam for 4 hours or more each of those days.

    Why Become an Adult Cam Model?
    >Because you can make a lot of money.
    >You are your own boss – you run your own Cam Modeling business.
    >Work the days and hours of your choice, you set your own work schedule.
    >Engage in fun Sex Chat with exciting people from all over the planet.
    >Have fun performing on Webcam for adults who are willing to pay for your sexy performance.

    If you are ready to get started with your new career as a cam model, apply now and start working on webcam in a few hours. You will need to provide a valid government issued photo ID to complete your cam model application with the WaveSide Entertainment Adult Webcam Modeling Network of over 1,500 websites. Enjoy performing on your webcam to millions of cam model voyeur members, anxious to pay you for your live, sex performance.

    If you are interested in Recruiting Cam Models age 18+, apply now and make money while you sleep with Money4Porn.com.

    Happy Camming!
    Happy New Year 2017!
    WaveSide Entertainment

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    Become a Cam Girl or Cam Model for Christmas!

    With Christmas a few days away, Cam Girls and Cam Models should stream on cam as often as possible to be available to catch cam model voyeur clients waiting to see you.

    Dress up in your holiday best with a cheery smile to show you are ready to please. Clients are more giving over the holiday season so cam models and cam girls can reap rewards from appreciative customers.

    If you want to be a cam girl or cam model, apply NOW!

    Wish all of you a very Merry Christmas!



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    Webcam Modeling Stream Quality

    Webcam stream quality for adult cam models is vital for you to earn money.

    The first thing cam models should do before you try to stream on cam is…
    Log out of ALL programs running on your PC or laptop including music, other live chats, etc. If you have ANYTHING else running, you will notice a degradation of the quality of your stream. Low grade stream quality will deter cam model voyeur clients from your chat room.

    Secondly… Cam models should reboot their PC or laptop before each new cam modeling session.

    Thirdly… While the following does not affect your cam stream quality, your account as an adult cam model may be suspended or terminated if you allow ANYONE other than previously approved individuals to stream on cam, for the account YOU were approved for.

    If you are interested in becoming a cam model with the WaveSide Entertainment network, SIGNUP NOW and start streaming on cam in a few hours. Never a charge to apply!

    Happy Camming!

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    Cam Model Voyeur Holiday Cheer

    With the weather turning colder across the country, many cam model voyeur customers will be spending more time inside, on their PC or laptop, searching for their favorite cam model.

    Increase your opportunity to catch more clients surfing for a cam model to spend time online with, by increasing the amount of time you normally spend on cam. Spread holiday cheer by creating a holiday theme in your room to entice them to spend more time with you. As customers spend more time in your room, this also increases the chance for you to make more money.

    Holidays are for giving and the more money you make on cam, the more you have to spend on your family and friends for Christmas.

    Success as a cam model means being motivated and spending quality amount of time on cam. If you choose cam modeling as your new career choice you need to commit to being disciplined to create a work schedule and stick to it. Just like if you had a job outside your home, you would need to work on certain days, during certain hours.

    That is the key to success as a career cam model with unlimited earnings potential.

    Not a cam model yet? Apply NOW and start working on cam withing a few hours.

    You can also sign up as a Webcam Model Recruiter with Money4Porn to earn money recruiting potential cam models.

    Happy Camming!

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    CamRebels.com has launched in Beta mode!

    Its official…CamRebels.com has launched in Beta mode!

    CamRebels.com is for adults age 18+ and is the most user friendly Webcam Model website you will find anywhere on the Internet. The website has been under development since 2015 and no one outside WaveSide Entertainment developers and management team has seen, what sits behind the ‘blue curtain’.

    Cam Models will stream live using webRTC instead of Adobe flash – which is nothing but a pain in the ass for both models and Cam Model Voyeurs. Pay method from registered Members for approved Cam Models is Tips via Tokens.

    If you want to watch live cam models, click on ‘Member Sign Up’ tab at the top of CamRebels.com.

    If you want to become a Cam Model to earn money, click on ‘Model Signup’ at the top of CamRebels.com.
    NOTEIf you are already a registered Cam Model with WaveSide Entertainment, your account has already been activated with CamRebels.com – you do not have to signup again. Just click on the big blue button on CamRebels.com to start streaming live and making money.

    Feel free to contact us with comments or questions about CamRebels.com.

    CamRebels.com is owned and operated by WaveSide Entertainment, LLC.

    Cam Model Support

    When it comes to cam model supportWaveSide Entertainment will not be beat.

    Models receive top notch support about all issues pertaining to the profession of a webcam model.

    Sign up today and join the thousands of cam models already a part of the WaveSide Entertainment team.

    Watch for updates on the launch of  Cam Rebels in coming days! Enjoy cam modeling on webcam in webRTC!

    Happy Camming!
    WaveSide Entertainment


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