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    Holiday Camming Benefits

    Before, during and after holidays, cam models find an increase in cam voyeur traffic.

    This is one of the best times to broadcast your cam show since so many are off from work for the holiday. Try to add more time camming to your schedule, during this time.

    Time of day is irrelevant since cam voyeur members are in so many different time zones so you will get voyeur traffic no matter what time it is.

    If you want to start camming for millions of voyeur members, Become A Cam Model Today by filling out the simple cam model application.

    Happy Camming!

    Upcoming Holiday Voyeur Traffic

    Hey Everyone!

    Time to take advantage of the upcoming holiday voyeur traffic with the 4th of July just ahead. Add a few extra hours on cam or an extra day or so over the next two weeks to see how it works out for you.

    Congrats to all of you who hit a WaveSide Weekly Bonus, keep up the hard work! If you haven’t yet hit a bonus, extra time on cam is where it all begins.

    If you need any help or have any questions about camming, reach out to me on Live Chat from your model area.

    Happy Camming!

    Webcam Modeling During Holidays

    Over holidays, webcam models find it exceptionally financially rewarding to perform in front of their webcam. The number of cam model voyeurs rises substantially into, during and shortly after holidays.

    With the 4th of July coming up, you should put on your best lingerie, makeup and nice hair style to attract the most voyeur members. Stream on cam as often as you can to make bank!

    If you want to sign up as a cam model, you can start making money within a few hours of providing your completed application. Apply to become a cam model now.

    Happy Camming!

    Definition Of A Cam Girl

    So you want to be a cam girl? As long as you are age 18+, read on.

    A cam girl is an Internet cam model who performs sexually stimulating shows in front of your cam for cam voyeur members watching from their computer or device. Depending on the performance, voyeurs can tip you or can request a private sex show where you can perform further, for more money.

    There is no training needed and each cam girl performs at their own discretion, at your convenience.

    You can work in front of your cam from the safety and security of your own home.

    Full time cam girls working 3 – 5 days a week for 3 – 5 hours each of those days can earn $2000+ weekly.

    Apply to become a webcam model now.

    Happy Camming!

    Cam Model Fashion

    Cam girls that work on adult webcam can wear anything you are comfortable with. Most cam model voyeur members enjoy seeing cam girls where sexy lingerie, nylons and stilettos.

    Dress for the part when you are on cam.

    Happy Camming!

    Start Camming To Earn Money

    You can start to cam on adult cam modeling networks to make money, as long as you are age 18+.

    Cam girls or cam guys can come from any where around the world, looking to be their own boss and having the ability to earn an unlimited amount of money, working from the safety of their own home. You can stream on your webcam from anywhere in the world, as long as you have access to high speed Internet or WiFi.

    There is no experience necessary to qualify as a cam model through WaveSideEntertainment.com adult cam modeling agency. The experienced representatives will provide training to new cam models who need guidance.

    Read details on how to Become A Cam Model Today.

    Apply today to become a webcam model and you can begin streaming on adult cam to start making money within a few hours.

    Happy Camming,

    Cam Modeling Application Process

    Once you decide to become a cam girl, cam guy, cam couple, gay cam guy, lesbian cam girl or tranny cam model, the cam model application is simple.

    To process your cam modeling application, you will need a valid (not expired) government issued photo ID. You will need to upload a picture of your ID to prove your age and your real identity, as required by law to prevent underage individuals from appearing on adult sex webcams.

    You’ll need to upload at least one clear photo of your face and you can’t use SnapChat.

    Select your cam model performer name you want to be known as and fill out the rest of the simple questions on the camming application then, submit your completed cam model application.

    You should receive a response on your cam modeling application within a few hours then, you can log in to start broadcasting your cam show to make money as a cam model!

    Remember, once your webcam model application is approved, we recommend spending 3-5 days a week and at least 3-5 hours each of those days on cam. Cam girls and cam couples working this schedule on a regular basis can earn $2000+ weekly.

    Start your Cam Model Application today!

    Happy Camming!

    Cam Model Performance

    Many new Cam Models are nervous when they first load their webcam on the cam modeling network they are working on.

    No worries… be yourself and be prepared to have fun camming. Cam Girls are the center of attraction in your cam chat room. You are in control. You are why the cam voyeur members are staying in your cam room. Do what you are comfortable with.

    Remember, cam modeling is a form of acting. You create your cam model character to attract and keep them coming back.

    If you want to start cam modeling, click to Apply As A Cam Model Today!

    Happy Camming!

    Cam Modeling For Money and Fun

    Cam Modeling is not only a job females and males age 18+ can work from home, you also have fun, while working in front of your adult webcam.

    Cam models receive unlimited amounts of compliments from cam voyeur members, while performing on live adult cams.

    Work hard and make $2000+ weekly and, cam modeling is a job you can enjoy. Get started as a cam model today!

    Apply for a cam modeling job by clicking HERE!

    Happy Camming!

    When You Want To Become A Webcam Model

    If you are age 18+…

    1. And looking for a job you can work from home
    2. And are interested in the ability to earn $2000+ weekly
    3. And able to be your own boss
    4. And able to be self-discipline your self to set your own work schedule and stick to it

    …Then you should Complete the Cam Model Application through WaveSideEntertainment.com today.

    Happy Camming!