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    Cam 4 Cash on WebRTC!

    Cammodels streaming live with webRTC don’t have to download anything. 

    What is webRTC?

    WebRTC is a real time communication that will eventually replace the need for flash, for cam models streaming live on cam.

    While streaming live on webcam as a cam model using WebRTC is the future for all webcam modeling networks, CamRebels.com has beat the crowd.

    CamRebels.com was specifically designed to allow cam models to use WebRTC instead of the cumbersome flash that drags down computers or laptops. Flash WILL be replaced in the very near future with WebRTC.

    Cam Models with CamRebels.com have the EASIEST METHOD in the world, to stream on webcam to make money.

    Here’s how easy it is to stream on cam as a cam model using WebRTC…
    > Apply for a job as a cam model with CamRebels.com.
    > Once you are approved as a cam model with CamRebels.com, log into your Model Area from your laptop or PC.
    > In section titled WaveSide Entertainment Premier Network ‘CAMREBELS’ click on ‘Click To Load CamRebels’ which will take you to your ‘My Account’ page.
    > Refer to the Black Board for details about how your sex chat room with CamRebels.com operates – it has never been this simple to stream on cam to make money.
    > At the top of your ‘My Account’ page look for the yellow ‘BROADCAST’ button.
    > When you click the yellow ‘BROADCAST‘ button, you are now streaming live on cam for watching cam model voyeur members.

    It’s that easy!

    Become a cam model today with CamRebels.com and stream live on cam using WebRTC!

    Jump start your career as a cam model right now!


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