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Weekend Cam Modeling

Weekend Cam Modeling for Cash…

The weekend is upon us and it is a great time to post more earnings from voyeur members anxiously waiting for your spectacular sex show on your cam.

Anytime day or night is prime time for cam modeling since voyeur members are surfing for sexy cam girls or cam guys, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You simply stream live on webcam when it is convenient for you. The more days during the week you stream on webcam, the more chance you have to make money.

The average amount of time financially successful cam models spend on cam is 3-5 days a week for 3-5 hours each of those days. In most cases, this is fewer work days and less work hours than most minimum wage jobs – and as a cam model, you can make a whole lot more money while having fun!

If you aren’t already a cam model, become a cam model today with WaveSide Entertainment Cam Modeling Network. Work from the convenience and safety of your own home. Your real identity and location will never be revealed to anyone.

Time on cam for voyeur members means a lot of cash so seize your opportunity now as the weekend nears!

Happy Camming!
WaveSide Entertainment

Promote Your Cam Models Wishlist

Promote Your Cam Models Wishlist!

It is common practice for cam girls and cam guys to create a Models Wishlist on Amazon, for members to view items a cam model wants as gifts.

You can promote your cam model profile on your Models Wishlist by creating a free profile on

It is simple to create an account for your Models Wishlist of items you would love to have and it is 100% free! Share the URL to your Models Wishlist with your cam voyeur members and promote your Live Sex Chat Room at the same time.

Once you create your personal profile on you can promote it any where, directing members to view things they can buy for you.

Happy Camming!


You Can Be A Cam Model

So You Want to Be An Adult Webcam Model!

As we get ready to ring in 2017, are you ready to take your life to the next level?

Are you anxious to make the New Year a complete financial success for yourself?

Have you gained motivation that enables you to be self-sufficient with your income earnings potential?

Do you have the self-discipline needed to start your own business as an adult webcam model?

Would you like to have a job that is actually fun? A job you actually look forward to doing?

Are you confident with your appearance and your body? Do you feel attractive and sexy?

Are you willing to reach out to your cam model support staff who are willing to guide you through issues faced as an adult cam model?

If you made the choice to start a new career as an Adult Webcam Model…
You CAN be financially successful!
You CAN be your own boss and in control of how much money you make, with self-motivation!
You CAN run your own business with self-discipline!
You CAN have a fun and exciting job working as an adult cam model!
You CAN express yourself sexually and seductively from your webcam, in the privacy of your home!
You CAN easily reach out to available Cam Model Support anytime because all questions are important!

What Does it Take to Become a Successful Adult Webcam Model?
>A desire to make unlimited money.
>Motivation and self-discipline to create your own work schedule and stick to it.
>Self-Confident in your appearance to stream live on your webcam from the safety of your own home while you perform a live sexy show for Adult Cam Model Voyeur Members watching you from any where in the world. These adult customers are ready to pay you for a great sexy show.
>Access to high speed Internet, PC or laptop with high processing power, quality Webcam and a private place where you can perform as an Adult Webcam Model.
>If you are working as a full time Cam  Girl or Cam Guy, you want to work as many days throughout the week as possible, we recommend at least a 4 day work week. You should consider streaming live on cam for 4 hours or more each of those days.

Why Become an Adult Cam Model?
>Because you can make a lot of money.
>You are your own boss – you run your own Cam Modeling business.
>Work the days and hours of your choice, you set your own work schedule.
>Engage in fun Sex Chat with exciting people from all over the planet.
>Have fun performing on Webcam for adults who are willing to pay for your sexy performance.

If you are ready to get started with your new career as a cam model, apply now and start working on webcam in a few hours. You will need to provide a valid government issued photo ID to complete your cam model application with the WaveSide Entertainment Adult Webcam Modeling Network of over 1,500 websites. Enjoy performing on your webcam to millions of cam model voyeur members, anxious to pay you for your live, sex performance.

If you are interested in Recruiting Cam Models age 18+, apply now and make money while you sleep with

Happy Camming!
Happy New Year 2017!
WaveSide Entertainment

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Cam Model Weekly Earnings Goal

Successful cam models have weekly financial goals they strive for.

These cam girls and cam guys stream on cam during the week aiming to make a certain amount of money before the end of the week.

Successful cam girls and cam models have a schedule to work on cam on specific days during the week, during certain hours, usually on cam for 3 – 4 hours at a time.

While some camming sessions can be more financially rewarding than others, you may need to adjust your schedule on other days, to pick up the slack.

Just like a job outside your home where you are paid hourly, if you don’t work forty hours, you won’t earn a forty hour paycheck. With that said, if your goal is to make $500 a week, $1000 a week or $2000+ a week, stream on cam as many days and for as many hours that it takes, to make that much money.

Never give up. As a career cam girl or cam model, keep smiling and camming each day throughout the week until you hit your weekly financial goal.

If you are making a lot of money during a week and need to take a few days off the following week… change up your schedule and spend even more time on cam to make up for the days you plan to be off the next week. Having a regular weekly income is the key to success in maintaining your budget. This helps you from running short one week.

Want to become a cam girl now, apply now and start working in a few hours!

Christmas is right around the corner so, spending more time on cam helps increase your funds so you are able to spread holiday cheer of gift giving with family and friends.

Happy Camming!

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Cam Models Thanksgiving Week Traffic!

As we start the Thanksgiving holiday week, more cam voyeur clients will be online as they are off from work for the holiday. It can help your weekly earnings if you increase the amount of time you spend on your cam.

Be sure to try our newest network and set up your profile so clients are more inclined to make you a favorite so they can get a message when you log on to cam.

Signup today as a cam girl or cam model with and start streaming live on cam from the comfort of your own home in a few hours to potentially make $2000+ per week!

Happy Camming!

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Chill in the Air, Cam Girls Turn Up The Heat!

Its that time of year when there is a chill in the air and Cam Voyeurs are spending more time inside, in front of their computers searching for a hot cam model for sex chat.

Spend more time on cam to take advantage of the season of giving. Christmas is right around the corner and you want to increase your earnings so you can spread holiday cheer with family and friends.

Dress up and look your hottest for the holiday season to reap the rewards of generous cam model voyeur members who are in the giving mood.

Increase the number of hours you spend on cam and for more days throughout the week. You need to be on webcam when the mood strikes cam model voyeurs who want to hook up with you.

Looking to become a webcam model? Sign up now and start working on cam chat in a few hours! Being a cam girl or cam model is fun and you have huge earnings potential. Cam Modeling has become the new career choice, start your new career today.

Happy Camming!
WaveSide Entertainment

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Having Fun as Cam Girl or Cam Guy

Time to take advantage of weekly bonus from WaveSide Entertainment, Christmas is right around the corner!

So how does work?
Models earn $0.055 for each Token received from members. That is the highest cam model earnings in the industry!

To stream live on

1. Log into your Model Area [bookmark this URL]:


3. Black Board is for important news PLUS, easy instructions on how to stream on cam with CamRebels

4. Click MY PROFILE tab at top of the page to review your profile info for members to view. At the bottom of that page, you can create a personalized HTML message that members can see when they click your profile on CamRebels. Follow instructions provided on that page.

5. To stream live on cam, click BROADCAST and you are live – it is so easy!

After you log out, view the home page again and you will see your profile pic that cam voyeur members can easily see to make you a FAVORITE so they will get an email each time you log in. They do not want to miss seeing you on cam!

If you aren’t a model yet with WaveSide Entertainment, apply now and start camming in a few hours.

Happy Camming!
Owned and Operated by WaveSide Entertainment

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Improve Cam Stream Quality

For the highest quality of video stream on cam for cam modeling

Use a laptop or PC – an iPad will not work to stream on cam.

Log out of ALL PROGRAMS running on your computer – including music or other chat programs. Simply closing them won’t work, you have to LOG OUT of all programs to improve processing power on your computer so your video loads.

Close all browsers other than the one you are going to cam from.

While you are camming, avoid opening any other programs or browsers and don’t try to surf the web as this will drag down your processor and will reduce the quality of your video stream.

Clear cache every day to improve performance on your computer.

Be sure to cam on our Member data base is growing rapidly!

Happy Camming,

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Coming Soon… in webRTC

Coming Soon… CamRebels dot com in webRTC.

The newest way for webcam models to stream live without having to download Adobe flash which is a pain in the ass.

Keep checking the website for official launch date.