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New Cam Model Tips

Streaming on cam successfully requires a crystal clear video stream.

Cam models should plug your computer or laptop directly into a modem so clients can see you clearly.

When models use WiFi, the video stream may be fuzzy and when you move on cam, you appear wavy and clients will not be able to see you clearly. If clients can’t see you clearly, you will see few if any, paid shows or tips.

It is vital to focus on providing a crystal clear video stream if you want to make money as a webcam model.

Improving the clarity of your video stream along with streaming live on cam a few hours several days a week will gain you popularity with clients and will help you make more money!

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Happy Camming!
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Terrific Tuesday!!!

Hey Everyone!

Another great week under the belts of the fabulous models at WaveSide Entertainment. Models are posting historic bonuses on huge weekly earnings.

You can be a winner too and earn a huge bonus weekly.

Spend as much time on cam as possible with crystal clear stream and clear audio. Stream live as many days during the week as you can. The more time you are online, the more chance for clients to find you and of course… the more chance to make tons of money!

Happy Camming!

Full Time Cam Models

With so many models deciding to make Cam Modeling their new career, the key to success is spending as much time on cam as possible.

Be sure your video stream is crystal clear and that clients can hear you clearly as well. When you start to chat with clients, ask them how your stream quality and audio is coming across to them. Try to get a response from more than one client.

At the end of every camming session, you should do a full reboot on your computer or laptop so that when you stream again the next time, your memory is not bogged down and you start streaming fresh.

Happy Camming!
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Spring is in Full Bloom

The buds are peaking through and clients want to do some peaking of their own. Its time to turn up the heat!

Ladies, pull out that sexy lingerie and nice, sultry thigh highs with sexy stilettos and turn on those horny clients in high gear!

Watch the wallets open up for you on tips and paid shows when you crank up your own heat on cam!

Things are Heating Up with Webcam Modeling!

Models are posting HUGE EARNINGS from generous clients at WaveSide Entertainment!

You can join these financially successful models.

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Huge Bonus Week for WaveSide Entertainment Models

Models are hitting bonuses in the record numbers. You can too! Sign up as a model with WaveSide Entertainment now! Stream on cam and make tons of money!

Another great week of cam earnings on WSE…

Models had a terrific week of earnings posted last week. A lot of new models are reaping benefits of weekly bonuses. You can too!

Working on the Weekend!

Traffic is expected to be heavy into the weekend. Put on your smile, your sexy self and get ready for tons of clients! Time to make bank!

WaveSide Entertainment Video

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Success as A Webcam Model

Webcam models are self-employed – you the cam model must determine the hours and days you are available work. Remember, the more hours you are on cam, the more chances for you to make more money. You will make little if you work a few hours and you will make nothing if you don’t stream live at all. Being your own boss is great when you have the discipline to work on cam, the hours and days you have on your schedule. Just like a job outside of your home, you should plan to stream live on certain days, at a specific time on those days. Financially successful webcam models will be on cam at least 4 days a week, for at least 4 hours or more each of those day.

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Cheers to all the successful webcam models with WaveSide Entertainment!