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Cam Modeling is Fun!

When you are looking for a job where you can be your own boss, cam modeling could be your new career choice.

Tired of working a job for minimum wage? Tired of waiting tables? Tired of working in a strip club? Are you read for a career change?

We are looking for girls and guys age 18+ as well as cougars who want to play on cam for cash.

Sign up today for a cam modeling job with the WaveSide Entertainment network and set the sky as your limit for earnings potential.

Work the days of the week you want, work the hours of your choice and start raking in big bucks by streaming on cam from the comfort of your own home.

Enjoy conversations with potentially paying members who are ready for you to perform your live sex show on cam.

Happy Camming!

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CamRebels Salute Our Veterans!

A huge thank you to our Veterans!

Salute to Veterans!

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Cam Model Entertainment

Cam Model Voyeurs love watching Cam Models perform live sex acts on webcam.

Share the love with member who spend time with you on cam. Cam Model Voyeur Members love watching horny cam models show off their personal sexual techniques on cam.

Spending time on cam is vital because you never know when someone will join your room, ready to open their wallets for you!

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Favorite Sex Position

What is your favorite sex position?

When I get your response, will tell you mine!

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Recruit Webcam Models at Money4Porn

Earn money recruiting webcam models.

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Guest Chat on

Great News…

Cam Models on are now able to chat with guests in their chat rooms. This will increase your chance to engage with cam model voyeurs who will be able to tip you with Tokens.

Cam Model Jobs available, must be age 18+, apply today and start working in a few hours. Work from the safety of your own home and be your own boss. Sign up for a cam modeling job today!

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Historic Day in the USA

Today is a historic day in the USA as we cast our vote for the next President of the United States of America. Your Vote Counts so Get Out and Vote!!!

Cam Modeling has become the new career choice for girls age 18+ as well as woman of any age. At we made it easy to make a living as a cam girl – no need for flash.

What you need to become a Cam Girl:

  • Computer or laptop
  • High quality cam
  • Good mic
  • High speed Internet
  • Private place at home to cam

Successful camming for a living requires you to spend several days a week, for several hours each of those days on cam. You decide what days and hours to be on cam since you are your own boss but, the more time you spend in front of your cam, the more opportunity you have to engage with the many cam voyeurs who are anxious to watch your sexy show on webcam. Earn money from Tokens members tip you with when you are on cam. Cam models at earn $0.055 for each token a cam member tips you.

APPLY NOW to become a cam girl or cam guy and start your new job as a cam model in just a few hours:

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Improve Cam Stream Quality

For the highest quality of video stream on cam for cam modeling

Use a laptop or PC – an iPad will not work to stream on cam.

Log out of ALL PROGRAMS running on your computer – including music or other chat programs. Simply closing them won’t work, you have to LOG OUT of all programs to improve processing power on your computer so your video loads.

Close all browsers other than the one you are going to cam from.

While you are camming, avoid opening any other programs or browsers and don’t try to surf the web as this will drag down your processor and will reduce the quality of your video stream.

Clear cache every day to improve performance on your computer.

Be sure to cam on our Member data base is growing rapidly!

Happy Camming,

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Maintain Steady Income

With women and men having the desire to be a career cam model or cam girl on live sex chat, creating a schedule when you need to be on cam, is the key to success.

By streaming on cam on specific days during specific hours (just like a regular job outside your home), you create a regular routine for yourself. This can enable you to maintain a regular weekly income that you can build your financial future around.

Sign up today to start your new career as a cam girl.

Motivation to be become financially independent is what career cam models thrive on.

Happy Camming!

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Time on Cam Fattens Your Wallet

Cam models who spend several hours a day and several days throughout the week on live sex cam, will find their earnings as a webcam model increase nicely, the more time you spend on cam.

Cam modeling on live cam chat is the new career choice for many webcam girls and webcam guys – you work from home, you set your own hours and there is no boss you have to answer to but yourself, since you are your own boss.

Treating your job as a cam model like your own business is a key toward your personal financial success.

Sign up now as a cam model with to stream on webcam without flash. It has never been so easy to go live on cam!

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