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Coming Soon… in webRTC

Coming Soon… CamRebels dot com in webRTC.

The newest way for webcam models to stream live without having to download Adobe flash which is a pain in the ass.

Keep checking the website for official launch date.

Upcoming Developments for WaveSide Entertainment

There is huge, exciting news on the horizon for WaveSide Entertainment!

Keep checking the site for upcoming developments that will have a major, positive impact for all webcam models.


Orlando Strong

Our thoughts go out to all affected by the tragedy in Orlando.


Weekend Ahead

The weekend is here, am sure models will find much success on cam with clients!

Happy Camming!

Shake it Up a Bit

Models should consider trying to cam at different times of the day, to improve their chance to meet clients that are on at a different time during the day than you normally are.

Clients are on line at various times throughout the week and when models change up their schedules, it allows models the chance to meet new clients.

Happy Camming!

Memorial Day Weekend

Models should spend as much time on cam into the weekend as possible to please the extra clients watching for hot models ready to perform for them.

Should see increase in earnings from clients as they reward models for their extra efforts spending time online to please them into the weekend and over the weekend.

WaveSide Entertainment models putting in extra time on cam are ready to pick up extra earnings for their weekly bonuses.

Happy Camming!

Successful Camming

Spend as much time online as possible, that is what clients want to see – regular streaming live, crystal clear video stream.


Overloaded Processor Distorts Image

Some Models have reported problems with the clarity of their video stream.

An overloaded processor can result in pixelating of the video stream clients see, resulting in a model having few, if any, paid shows.

There may be a solution to this. If you are a model with WaveSide Entertainment, send a message from YOUR TICKETS inside your MODEL AREA requesting help with a pixelating problem and you will get a response.

If you are not a model with WaveSide Entertainment, you can become one today to receive support for issues such as this. Load WaveSide Entertainment and click on Single Models Wanted or Couples Wanted to apply now.

Happy Camming!

Happy May!

Webcam performers streaming on cam with few if any paid sessions may be due to poor video stream and/poor audio quality.

Cam models should ask clients when you first log in to stream live… how you look on cam and are they able to hear you clearly.

Be sure to plug your laptop or desktop into a router or modem to improve the quality of stream your clients see. Crystal clear video stream will have a direct impact on your earnings as a webcam model – for the better!

Spend as much time on cam as you can to increase your great cam exposure to potential clients.

Good lighting and a neat area to perform from are also crucial factors to your success as a webcam performer.

Happy Camming!

Make Streaming on Cam a Financial Success!

Cam Models have to chat with clients in free/guest chat, that is part of the process. You can’t expect to only have paid sessions – clients need to get to know you in free/guest chat before they would consider paying for a private show with you.

It will take models time and patience to build a following of clients. If you stream on cam several days a week, several hours each of those days, you will have clients make you their favorite. This means that, when you log in to stream live again, those clients will know you are online and will come to see you… and potentially take you private.

The length of time it takes you to build a following of clients all depends on how often you are live on cam. The general time frame is a few weeks to a month of streaming on cam on a routine basis – several days a week and several hours each of those days.

Sign up as a cam model today!

Happy Camming!
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