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Cam Models Rocking the Webcam World!

No where on the Internet will you find more successful cam models than, WaveSide Entertainment. Our professional, hardworking models thrive on the huge weekly bonus potential that keeps them on cam even longer, making bank!!!

Performers on our network reach the highest cam model client traffic across the Internet.

Earnings levels can’t be beat especially, when you top it off with additional bonuses up to 25%!

To join the fastest growing adult entertainment network, sign up now as a cam model or cam model recruiter on WaveSide Entertainment.

All models at WaveSide are eligible for a free webpage – quick and easy to get up and running to use as a promotional tool.

Be sure to keep checking back over the next few weeks for the official launch of a new way to stream on webcam using webRTC on CamRebels.

Happy Camming!!!

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The Heat is On!

Cam models with WaveSide Entertainment are literally kicking ass!

The weather across the country is pushing Clients inside and what else can they do but… log online and find their favorite cam models to spend time with.

Our models who are spending time on cam are reaping the financial rewards of anxious clients with money to spend… you can too!

Sign up now as a cam model with WaveSide Entertainment… simply click on Single Models Wanted or Couples Wanted at the top of the page, complete the application and you could be working on cam within a few hours. Get started on working the new career choice of attractive women and men age 18+.

Keep checking WaveSide Entertainment frequently over the coming weeks for a HUGE announcement about streaming on cam using webRTC

Happy Camming!

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WebRTC is a free, open project that provides browsers and mobile applications with Real-Time Communications (RTC) capabilities via simple APIs.  The components of WebRTC have been optimized to best serve this purpose.

WebRTC is the most sought after method for Adult WebCam Models to stream live on cam, due to its ease of use and quality video stream without using Adobe flash.

Over the next few weeks watch for the launch of CamRebels dot com featuring, live streaming webcam models using webRTC.

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Coming Soon… CamRebels dot com in webRTC

Coming Soon… CamRebels dot com in webRTC.

The newest way for webcam models to stream live without having to download Adobe flash which is a pain in the ass.

Keep checking the website for official launch date.

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Upcoming Developments for WaveSide Entertainment

There is huge, exciting news on the horizon for WaveSide Entertainment!

Keep checking the site for upcoming developments that will have a major, positive impact for all webcam models.


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