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Time on Cam Fattens Your Wallet

Cam models who spend several hours a day and several days throughout the week on live cam, will find their earnings as a webcam model increase nicely, the more time you spend on cam.

Cam modeling on live cam chat is the new career choice for many webcam girls and webcam guys – you work from home, you set your own hours and there is no boss you have to answer to but yourself, since you are your own boss.

Treating your job as a cam model like your own business is a key toward your personal financial success.

Sign up now as a cam model with to stream on webcam without flash. It has never been so easy to go live on cam!

Feel free to contact us with comments or questions about is owned and operated by WaveSide Entertainment, LLC.

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Official launch of in Beta mode…

We are proud to announce the official launch of in Beta mode… is a newly launched website for Cam Model Recruiters and for Webcam Models who want to have their own adult eStore.

To become a Webcam Model Recruiter with Money4Porn and make money on earnings posted from Cam Models you recruit, complete the Cam Model Recruiters application.

If you want to have an adult Model eStore with Money4Porn to sell your personal items, complete the eStore application.

Surf throughout and become part of the multi-billion dollar a year adult entertainment industry today!

Feel free to contact us with comments or questions you have about
Owned and operated by WaveSide Entertainment

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Its official… has launched in Beta mode! is for adults age 18+ and is the most user friendly Webcam Model website you will find anywhere on the Internet. The website has been under development since 2015 and no one outside WaveSide Entertainment developers and management team has seen, what sits behind the ‘blue curtain’.

Cam Models will stream live using webRTC instead of Adobe flash – which is nothing but a pain in the ass for both models and Cam Model Voyeurs. Pay method from registered Members for approved Cam Models is Tips via Tokens.

If you want to watch live cam models, click on ‘Member Sign Up’ tab at the top of

If you want to become a Cam Model to earn money, click on ‘Model Signup’ at the top of
NOTEIf you are already a registered Cam Model with WaveSide Entertainment, your account has already been activated with – you do not have to signup again. Just click on the big blue button on to start streaming live and making money.

Feel free to contact us with comments or questions about is owned and operated by WaveSide Entertainment, LLC.

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CamRebels Coming Soon…

WaveSide Entertainment is nearing the official launch of CamRebels for models to stream live on webRTC.

Active models on WaveSide Entertainment will receive updates as they are available.

Sign up now to become a webcam model with the fastest growing adult entertainment network on the web.

You can be streaming live on cam in a few hours, with the completion of your cam model application with WaveSide Entertainment.

Happy Camming!

WaveSide Entertainment



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Upcoming Labor Day Holiday!

Cam models will be see an increase in traffic from clients looking to hook up on line, into the upcoming Labor Day holiday.

Models should consider increasing the time they spend online to pickup more clients… and money!

Watch for updates for launch of CamRebels and Money4Porn!

Happy Camming!
WaveSide Entertainment

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